New Mama Prize Pack at Baby Loving Mama

2 02 2010

This is a nice collection that any new momma would love. It would also make a great shower gift! Most every breastfeeding mom has at least one Bravado bra. And the Swaddle Designs blanket and peek-a-boo clip from Bebe Dulce are very neat too! Visit Baby Loving Mama here to enter by 2/16. Here’s the description of the prize pack with links to see the sponsors:

Win a New Mama Prize Pack valued at over $100 consisting of your choice of nursing bra from Bravado Designs, your choice of pink, blue or green Mod Circles Ultimate Receiving Blanket with matching Lovie from Swaddle Designs and a Peek-a-Boo Clip from Bebe Dulce.

Crafting it Forward

26 01 2010

[Resurfacing this post from last year, with a few slight changes, since it got buried before anyone signed up. Thanks!]

While blog surfing, I’ve found a great idea at the Polka Dot Daisy and Creations by Lanie: “pay it forward.” This is not just your typical raok or putting on a happy face, but paying it forward with something handmade. And I love to make things! Yipee!

Here we go…

Making handcrafted items is a dying art, but they are so fun to make and get! So, here’s a little game to encourage handcrafting to live and thrive. The first 5 people to leave a comment on this post, will receive, at some point during the year, a super-duper handmade gift from me! What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise. The catch is that you must participate as well 🙂 So before you leave your comment here, write up (or copy and paste) a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going. Then, come back, let me know you are going to play, and anticipate the arrival of your super-duper handmade gift!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

  1. I make no guarantee that you will like what I make. But, I will try my best to make sure that you do 🙂
  2. It will be done this year (probably sooner rather than later)
  3. You will have no clue what or when it will be. Please make sure to leave some way that I can get a hold of you.

Have fun!

Cattiwampus Unusual Gifts & Giveaway Link

25 11 2009

I just found this fun shop called Cattiwapmus via the As Good As Cake blog. I love indie stores! From their adorable clothing like these Robot Tees, to their fun games like Candy Dominoes, you’re bound to find more than one thing to “ooh and awwwh” over. Bean and Mighty Man could really use some new tableware like the Wheels Dish Set. The store also has a blog where you can read about their specials and new products.

Enter to win $25 store credit to Cattiwampus from As Good As Cake Reviews and Giveaways: here.

As Good As CakeI highly recommend stopping by to see all the other the very unique and artistic ideas on her Holiday Giveaway list!

Fall Sugar Cookies

18 11 2009

Bean is always asking to make sugar cookies. I don’t mind since I love eating them too! We recently made a plate of cookies for meme & pepe’s anniversary party. They have two white cats that love to chase squirrels and leaves. Most of the squirrels look a little too happy to me!

We added some pumpkin pie spice to the sugar cookie dough that gave them a nice fall flavor. The icing is made with Wilton meringue powder which dries rock-hard, but gives a nice finished sheen to the cookie.


Giveaway Linky List

17 11 2009

I had started this project awhile back: To make a list of different sites that host Mr. Linky (lists with links) of giveaways. I wanted to help some bloggy friends spread the word about their own giveaways. My work is complete…I just found a very thorough list of lists already compiled here at the Mom Reviews. Thank you! If you need a diversion, this is for you too! Just don’t blame me if you get sucked in.

Tony Lama Boots Giveaway; Hurray for Boots!

2 10 2009

I know I’ve already been pining over shoes today, but here’s some that will fit us! They are Tony Lama‘s very stylish and comfortable boots. Yes, they come with orthotic inserts for mom’s tired feet! Are your feet longing for a pair like mine are? Well, you could win a gift certificate to use toward any pair of Tony Lama boots from their Stars collection over at Travelling with Baby here. Good luck!

Side note to Jen: Just got the peanut to fall asleep and Bean’s involved in an art project, so I’ll talk about shoes rather than what we’re up to, which is not anything exciting.

Bibi & Mimi Shoes

2 10 2009

I love cute little baby shoes! Bibi & Mimi is another shop that makes adorable footwear for the wee ones. Mighty Man could really use a pair of shoes that aren’t pink and girly! Don’t you think these taxi cabs shoes are fun? If you agree, run over to Mommies Angels and enter her giveaway for your own pair of Bibi & Mimi shoes here. (Ok, so they won’t fit you, but you’ll get to see them on your little guy or gal, so good luck picking your favorite!)

Miracle Blanket

9 09 2009

April 2009 029Mighty Man loves being swaddled and cuddled. Here he is in a Miracle Blanket swaddler quietly laying around with his big sis before dozing off. These are perfect for the swaddling-challenged since they are very easy to use.

Want your little one to enjoy one too? Miracle Blanket is giving a swaddler to a Thrifty & Chic Mom reader. To enter, visit Thrifty & Chic Mom here. Don’t forget to wish her congratulations on the newest member of her family—Baby girl #3 born today!

See Kai Run and Run and Run

7 09 2009

Alright, if you know me, you know I love shoes! Kids shoes are especially cute and now here’s another contest to win an adorable pair from See Kai Run.

See Kai Run Shoes

See Kai Run Shoes

Go check out the Back 2 Blogging Bash on Jabbering Jessi.  She is giving away a pair of shoes from See Kai Run.

As, I’ve said just a few weeks ago here, “I’m loving the Sadie Mary Janes over at See Kai Run. I like their tagline too: “Urban footwear for first steps.” Well, Bean is far beyond her first steps, but not beyond adorable footwear! And they have the sweetest shoes for boys too which are very tempting as Mighty Man has hardly any hand-me-downs in the shoe department.”

Bean’s big feet and See Kai Run shoes

21 08 2009

Bean’s feet keep popping out of her sandals so it’s time for some new ones. I just can’t decide what shoes to get her. And how long will her feet stay in the next size?

I’m loving the Sadie Mary Janes over at See Kai Run. I like their tagline too: “Urban footwear for first steps.” Well, Bean is far beyond her first steps, but not beyond adorable footwear! And they have the sweetest shoes for boys too which are very tempting as Mighty Man has hardly any hand-me-downs in the shoe department.

Through September 1st, you can win 10 pairs of new shoes from the See Kai Run. The entry is on their website. You can also win any pair of your choice from their collection at the Veater Family blog through August 25th. Enter here. Hurray for cute shoes!