Beginning the giveaway madness!

26 01 2009

Thankfully Colleen reminded us that this week is the quarterly bloggy giveaway carnival! I am so happy that we have a faster computer now so I can enter the many many giveaways being held HERE! My husband bought me us a laptop for Christmas and it is a hundred times faster than our old one. And a good thing his trip is scheduled for this week too because otherwise I’d feel bad ignoring him every evening LOL!

Here are a few of the great giveaways I’ve found… I’m focusing my efforts on things I can give as gifts since we don’t need much for ourselves. I figure I can share the love!

***  My first entry was for this popular popular giveaway- Mudpies and Mary Janes is giving away cupcake soap from Serah’s. I’ve always wanted to try this and am thinking of someday making my own… of course looking at the cupcake soap is making me think of the real thing so I think my next entry will have to be for some chocolate!!!

*** Next you can visit Chic Shopper Chick (say that 10 times fast!) for the two great giveaways they are having…  First is a cute teaset from Green Toys. This set is made from recycled milk jugs and comes in recycled packaging. I probably wouldn’t even mind letting my boys play with this since it’s not really “girly” colors.  Second is a toy I would LOVE to have to play with the boys as the get older- it’s a portable air hockey table called Face Off Frenzy.  I can see hours of fun with this one!

We’re off to a fun start. Now if only my kids will take a long nap this afternoon!!!