Good Samaritans

10 08 2008

This morning as I was walking into the church I was reminded of the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:23-37).  Because hubby is working this weekend, I had to get both of the kids to church myself.  I parked in our normal spot, which ended up seeming like three miles away.  In addition to a 20+ lb baby, I was toting the diaper bag, a bag of food to donate, and a sippy cup of milk (that wasn’t doing a good job of keeping the milk from spilling), all the while trying to keep the toddler safe, out of the mud, and walking faster than a snail.  Since we were getting there right as the bells were ringing there weren’t many people in the parking lot, but there were a few.  Some of whom even smiled hello at us from across the drive.  But not one person offered to help carry a bag or wait to hold a door. 


The Good Samaritan by Simon_K.I felt like the poor man in the parable who had been beaten and robbed.  All of his own people left him hanging.  I’ve been many places by myself with two in tow.  And I’ve found Good Samaritans along the way: in stores, in airports, at the park, etc.  But none at church?  This is where people are supposed to be kind and generous, where they’re supposed to look after their neighbor.  All that piety is for naught if a moment can’t be spared to help a fellow parishioner get her kids in the door.


I’m not saying I’m perfect.  There are, I am sure, a lot of people I could have helped and didn’t, most probably because I was too busy with my own life to even notice they needed help.  When you’re the one in need it’s easy to see everyone who’s not helping.  I wanted to write about it today to get people thinking (including myself) that we all could pay a little more attention to those around us so that we may see and help people in need.


PS- I’m happy to report we made it into the church without dropping anything and before the readings started!