Meal Plan March 7

9 03 2011

Better late than never- the meal plan for this week!  Note, I did make it Monday morning but we have had extra kids this week so I haven’t had a chance to sit down to the computer to post.

Last week was a success and so far this week is shaping up that way too. 

So it looks like another yummy week.  Not too yummy though, because we are supposed to be sacrificing!  I can’t say I’m going to pare down my cooking for Lent since I’ve already pared it down because of the new baby. But for the next few weeks I’m going to try out new recipes that take advantage of what I already have on hand and we’ll see if I can’t pare down my pantry a little- use up all those items that got shoved to the back!

Monday:  Polish sausage stirfry, pierogies
Tuesday: Rabbit stew (yes, rabbit- from hubby’s winter hunting- this recipe turned out really good),  biscuits
Wednesday: Simple supper of soup and bread for Ash Wednesday (maybe trying a version of this recipe: Morocco’s Best Lentil Soup  Note: this soup was great!  It looked like “prison food” according to my husband, but it tasted very good and was even better the next day.  The bread was easy and good, but very crumbly.  Perfect with the soup though.
: leftovers
Friday: Knights of Columbus fish supper
Saturday: buttermilk fried chicken (recipe cut out of a newspaper years ago and yet to be tried- I’ll post if it comes out)
Sunday: pizza

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Have a great week!