Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

1 09 2009

mpmpencilNot having access to a car during the day has made it very hard to get to the store for the past three weeks.  I am thankful my father in law is here helping us get a lot of work done on our house and cabin, but it was getting a little hard to be creative with a dwindling pantry.  Here are some of the meals I came up with.  Not too bad- just goes to show with a little creativity you can avoid having rice and beans all week!

steak and eggs, soft pretzels, browniesWe still had some moose backstrap in the freezer.  I sliced it, dredged in seasoned flour and pan fried in little olive oil; we had 5 eggs left so I made 4 sunny side up; soft pretzels are suprizingly easy to make from scratch, as are brownies

leftover polish sausage and hotdogs, creamed spinach, rosemary roasted potatoes:  creamed spinach is also easy to make… click here for the recipe I followed; there were about 6  potatoes left that were starting to go soft so I peeled and diced them, tossed them with olive oil and a few spices (including rosemary) and roasted at 350 for about 25 min

whole wheat spaghetti with broccoli cheese saucemade a basic white sauce and added cheese and some frozen broccoli… served over 1/3 package of whole wheat spaghetti

chicken and stars soup: found some homemade chicken broth (complete with chunks of chicken) in the back of the freezer, to this I added a few handfuls of leftover corn, peas, and some tiny star pasta

blueberry pancakes: frozen blueberries and premade pancake mix (we got 10lb for $5 at the discount store a few months ago).  These inspired us to go blueberry picking however when we got up far enough to find some it started raining.  We came back with almost enough for a pie.  Thankfully I have some frozen blueberries left so I can fill it.

I had enough success with this week I was almost tempted not to shop another week, but I didn’t- I hit the store to stock up a little Sunday afternoon.  I was surprized I only spent about $100 considering I felt like we’re out of everything. 

And now, since you’re still reading I’ll share the plan for this week.  And as always you can find hundreds of ideas for your meal plans at I’m an Org Junkie.

Monday: ate at the State Fair
Tuesday: halibut, broccoli and maybe blueberry pie!
Wednesday: beef stroganoff (crockpot), salad
Thursday: chili, cornbread
Friday: homemade pizza
Saturday: eat out (father in law’s last day visiting)
Sunday: leftovers

Have a great week!


Meal Plan Monday in MA

3 08 2009

greenmpmI love the tastes of summer, but I don’t think my waist will forgive many more hotdogs! I’m also trying to get by without another grocery run this week. Here’s what I’m thinking of for dinners:

Monday: Ham & Sweet Potato Kabobs (from Taste of Home mag)

Tuesday: Spinach Frittata

Wednesday: Split Pea Soup & cheese sandwiches (add peas & broth with leftover ham to crockpot)

Thursday: Lots of Leftovers

Friday: Something Fishy 🙂 (will defrost salmon from freezer)

Saturday: Jambalya (still trying to develop my recipe, any suggestions?)

Sunday: Saucy Pasta

Spice up your meal plan with ideas at the Happy Housewife ! (guest hosting for I’m an Organizing Junkie this week)

Meal Plan Monday- July 20

20 07 2009

Last week was a bust as far as meal planning- I had a general idea, but we ended up grabbing dinner more than once. This week I have a better plan so no more last minute staring in the fridge! And I have a trip to the commissary planned so if it comes down to staring in the fridge, at least there will be food there LOL!!

By the way, to any family or friends who have not come to visit us in Alaska- you are missing out. There are just some things words and pictures can not convey.  We had another fun weekend camping, hiking, fishing and just enjoying the weather. We have a big campout planned for this weekend too- in the middle of winter we reserved a coveted Russian River campsite (actually a double site) and are planning on camping with some friends and my father-in-law who will be visiting. I am looking forward to floating the river (two hours in peace sans kids).

Menu Planning

Meals are simple but yummy this week (salads every day as the lettuce is growing without abandon):

Monday– Salmon-rice-broccoli casserole
Tuesday– Lasagna, garlic bread
WednesdayHoney Glazed Lemon Roast Chicken (the picture makes me want to try it this way), mashed potatoes
Thursday– leftovers
Friday– hot dogs, sundried tomato pasta salad (thanks for the idea Laura)
SaturdayWagon Master Stew
Sunday– pizza

More meal plan ideas for this week can be found at I’m an Org Junkie.  Happy eating!


Meal Plan Monday- AK (June 29)

29 06 2009

Menu PlanningThe house is quiet for once.  Oops, I probably just jinxed myself!  Anyway, both boys are napping and I should be working on some cleaning/organizing projects I have going.  But it’s so nice to just sit in the peace and quiet so I decided to work on my meal plan.  Requires less physical labor!

I’ve been very uninspired in the kitchen lately.  Although I did attempt bagels last week.  They’re a bit chewy, but turned out very similar to store bought.  And since they were easy enough I see myself making them again soon.  A friend also taught me how to make spring rolls yesterday- they are a lot easier than I imagined they would be.  So I have had a few new experiences in the kitchen.

This week is a busy week.  July 2nd is our 4th anniversary.  Then Friday we are off to camping for the weekend.  And July 4th!  A favorite holiday when I was a child, not celebrated as much in the past few years.  I think we’re going to “camp” at our cabin.  It’s not moved yet, so we’ll use the camper to sleep in.  But camping on our property kills two birds with one stone- we get the camping experience and don’t waste a weekend that we could be working on getting the cabin moved.

So without further ado… my brilliant meal plan!!

Monday– salmon patties, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday– homemade pizza, salad
Wednesday– pepper steak (Wild Bounty cookbook), rice, broccoli
Thursday– Our anniversary!   Dinner out and maybe a movie?  It’s been so long!
Friday– chili, cornbread
Saturday–  July 4th Cookout: hamburgers/steaks, baked beans, roasted corn on the cob and potatoes, cut up veggies, chips and salsa (red salsa, white and blue chips) and patriotic cupcakes
Sunday– Brunch- mountain man breakfast; Dinner: something easy as I’m sure we will all be tired

For more meal plans be sure to check out I’m an Org Junkie.

Happy Fourth of July!


Meal Plan Monday- AK (June 21)

15 06 2009


Well the summer solstace has come and gone.  Yesterday the sunrise was 4:17 AM and sunset was 11:44 PM.  Too bad it was such a cloudy day for it, though.  And today doesn’t look any more promising 😦 Makes me feel like it’s fall rather than the middle of summer.  Maybe I should be putting stew and soups on the menu this week!

I didn’t make the halibut yesterday.  We were just so worn out from the day before and got a late start to the day that it was 5:30 before I even thought about fixing dinner.  I pulled a few things from the freezer and unearthed some forgotton packages.  So this week is going to be another freezer cleanout.  Why do I aAlso this week I need to use up some potatoes. 

One thing I need help on is ideas for using up 3# of ground beef that got a little more browned than I wanted it to be.  I didn’t want to waste it so I stuck it in the freezer until I could think of something to make wth it.  I’m thinking maybe of making chili with it.  Has anyone ever successfully masked burnt burger before??

I need to go to the store before I finalize this week’s plan (I know, that’s reverse of how it should be) so here is just a list of my ideas for cleaning out the freezer.  What I’m using out of my freezer/fridge/pantry is highlighted in orange.

Shephard’s pie (beef already cooked, potatoes, mixed veggies)
Lasagna (browned beef and sausage, lasagna noodles, cottage cheese)
Chili over hot dogs

The other days will just be leftovers or I’ll find something quick to make.  I’d probably be able to plan better if my 18mo old wasn’t throwing a tempertantrum for no apparant reason (other than maybe I’m not paying attention to him?) and pulling at my laptop. 

For more ideas and more information on meal planning visit I’m an Org Junkie.

Have a great week!


Meal Plan Monday- AK (Happy Blog-Aversary!)

15 06 2009

First of all: HAPPY BLOG-AVERSARY TO US!!! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we started this thing.  Colleen- I’ve really enjoyed this adventure and am looking forward to many years of fun ahead.  You are an inspiration to me in many ways. 

And to everyone else- thank you for visiting our site.  We appreciate everyone’s kind comments and have enjoyed reading your blogs too.  As a thank you we are giving away a gift card for a magazine subscription  here .



Is it Monday?  I am so mixed up on days- It all started last week when the girl I babysit came on Tuesday instead of Wed.  I reminded my husband on Wednesday morning that the trash needed to go to the curb (our trash day is Thursday).  Friday night we went camping so that felt like Saturday to me, then yesterday even though we went to church, it felt like a Saturday again.  Today feels like Sunday since yesterday felt like Saturday and… have I lost you yet??

Anyway, on to the part you are really here to read- This week is pretty much the same as the last few weeks.  Since it’s summer I’ve been very un-inspired in the kitchen.  I am trying to soak up as much of the great outdoors as I can since winter is just around the corner (well, relatively speaking- our summers don’t last too long here).

The potato soup last week turned out great.  I added more potatoes than called for, and more Italian spice. My three year old actually asked for seconds! I was so happy! He seems to be coming out of his picky eater phase (while the only thing my 18mo old eats consistently is Pb&J). This week we are still working on salmon (this year’s season has started so we need to finish up last year’s salmon- only 20 more to go!)  I was going to make lasagna Wednesday, but I don’t have half of what I need so I’m putting it off until my next shopping trip.

Monday– salmon quesadillas, Homemade Tortillas, green beans
Tuesday– grilled kebabs,  baked beans
Wednesday– roast chicken (in the crockpot), salad
Thursday– leftovers
Friday– Buffalo chicken pizza, salad
Saturday– breakfast: quiche (from the freezer, didn’t eat it last week), dinner: cheesy meat and potatoes
Sunday– Happy Father’s Day!!  beer battered halibut, corn on the cob, Corn Fritters with honey butter

For more ideas on menu planning visit Laura at I’m an Org Junkie

Have a great week!


Menu Plan AK- June 8

8 06 2009

First of all a reminder to enter our blog-aversary contest here to win a magazine subscription gift card for your choice of Conde Nast magazines!



And onto the meal plan for the week… nothing too exciting for meals here, but some family favorites.  I found a recipe for potato soup that looks really easy.  Not really a warm weather dish, but I have almost 10 pounds of potatoes that are starting to go soft.

The weather here is going to be awesome this week (a downright heat wave of 75!)  Let’s hope the weatherman is right for once!!  Except for the soda bread, it doesn’t look like there is going to be much time spent in the kitchen this week!  And the salad is lettuce growing in our garden!

Monday– crockpot pot roast, potato soup, Irish soda bread (Note:  the potato soup was easy, but beware the recipe does not list the ingredients in order of use- I accidentally added twice the amount of Italian spice but it came out great just the same)
Tuesday– grilled teriyaki salmon, broccoli
Wednesday– taco cornbread(spoon cornbread batter over taco meat, bake according to cornbread directions YUM!), salad
Thursday– leftovers
Friday– pizza, salad
Saturday– breakfast: quiche (from the freezer), dinner: grilled polish sausage, onions, peppers (and pierogies if I can make it to the store to get them)
Sunday– beans and rice (still working on my 25# of pinto beans) with leftover polish sausage

For more ideas on menu planning visit Colleen’s plan and I’m an Org Junkie.

Have a great week!


Meal Plan Monday in MA

7 06 2009


This is another week to clean out the freezer & clean up the house. Now that the sun is shining again, I can see the dust and pollen coating nearly everything. Eeww!

Don’t forget to enter our blog-aversary contest here to win a magazine subscription gift card for your choice of Conde Nast magazines!

Monday: Spaghetti & Green Beans

Tuesday: Ham & Split Pea Soup (I have a leftover ham bone from the freezer; defrost & add to the crockpot with a bag of split peas and chicken broth…YUM!)

Wednesday: Crustless Quiche (Jen’s recipe here)

Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf (from freezer)

Friday: Salmon Filets on the grill (have some neat cedar grilling planks)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Turkey Sandwiches squished in between working and an evening b-day party…

Spice up your meal plan with ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie! .

Meal Plan Monday- AK

18 05 2009

Camping season is here!!  We are planning our first trip this coming Sunday- heading up to Talkeetna.  I haven’t been up that way yet, so it will be fun.  I am hoping for nice clear weather so we will get good views of Denali (Mt. McKinley).

I have a busy week planned- working in the garden, getting our camper set up for the summer, organizing for our upcoming garage sale and extra babysitting.  We also have an energy rater scheduled to come tell us we’re spending way too much money on heating our house (like I need to pay someone to tell us that).  Anticipating no time for the kitchen I am going to turn to some easy tried and true recipes as well as some make ahead items…

SPhotobucketo on to my plan…

Monday– grouse and rice casserole, broccoli
Tuesday– steak and eggs, asparagus
Wednesday– salmon spinach quiche (a variation of this crustless recipe)
Thursday– leftovers
Friday– guests for dinner?- Mario Batali’s roast chicken, salad, rice side dish (I want to try either this Wild Rice Bangkok recipe or a rice pilaf)
Saturdaysausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast, grill something for dinner- most likely salmon  (Note: for those of you who have never made sausage gravy before… it’s really easy.  Follow this recipe once or twice and you’ll be able to make it from memory.)
Sunday– camping (leftovers and/or hot dogs)

I had a dream last night that I missed a huge stack of salmon in a different freezer and had to work 10 extra packages into our meal plans in the next few weeks.  I think that’s a sign I’m getting burned out on salmon!  This year I’m going to try to can some.  That way I won’t worry so much about using it all before it gets freezer burn. 

Once I’ve organized the camper for the summer and we’re done with the garage sale, I’ll be able to try out new camping recipes.  In the meantime check out my posts from last year for some ideas (for those of you who are already well into their summer).

And as always, for more inspiration check out hundreds of menu plans at I’m an Org Junkie.  You’ll be sure to find some interesting meal ideas there!


Meal Plan Monday- AK

11 05 2009

mpmpencilCleaning out the freezer is the theme for this week. I took a look through the freezer this morning and pulled out a bunch of stuff to eat this week. A few of the packages are a mystery because I didn’t label well.

What we eat each day depends on what thaws first- so here is just the list of what I need to use up this week… I know, this isn’t very creative, but some weeks you just need to “defrost” the freezer.  Check back later this week and I’ll post some recipes for the carrot and banana breads.

Sloppy Joes (too freezer burned)
Chili (yummy over pasta and mixed with leftover rice)
Salmon (already cooked, serve with rice)
Beef Stew (had this for lunches)
Shredded carrots (to be made into cake or bread)
Frozen bananas (make into bread)

If we still need meals after this is eaten up I’ll probably make something salmon. We are down to one shelf in the upright freezer but fishing season is only a month or so away! We need to keep eating that up!

For meal plans that are a bit more inspiring than just pulling everything out of the freezer visit OrgJunkie.

Now I have to go get the kids out of trouble- they really have ants in the pants this morning.

Have a good week!