Meal Plan Monday in MA

7 02 2010

Meal Plan Monday at OrgJunkieLooks like a quiet week here. Hope you all have a great time with the preparations for Valentine’s Day!

Monday: Unstuffed Peppers

Tuesday: Chicken Parm with ziti & green beans (Going to toss leftover cooked chicken with noodles & sauce and top with cheese)

Wednesday: Cheeseburger Pie

Thursday: Black Bean Nacho Bake

Friday: Tunaburgers & coleslaw

Saturday: Leftovers & such

Sunday: Hmm, I think myValentine will be doing the cooking. Sounds nice to me!

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Meal Plan Monday in MA

8 01 2010

I’m beginning to think that I should switch to Meal Plan Fridays since I’m not great at planning dinners first thing on Mondays. So this is either really late for this week or a bit early for next, but here goes:

Friday: Baked fish and vegetable soup.

Saturday: Pizza and Salad

Sunday: Hot dogs and pink potato salad, Soup

Monday: Teryiaki Chicken with fried rice (onions, peas & carrots)–recipe from Dream Dinners cookbook

Tuesday: Baked Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and a sauce made from evaporated milk

Wednesday: Pork and Pink Bean Sautee–Leftover pork cut into pieces and mixed with beans and spinach

Thursday: Pasta & Sauce, or leftovers

Friday: Baked Tilapia with cracker crumbs

Saturday: Leftovers, or Pasta & Sauce (whatever doesn’t happen on Thursday!)

Sunday: Frozen Lasagna (recipe from Best Make Ahead Recipes)

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Meal Plan Monday- AK

6 07 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  We had such beautiful weather and a relaxing weekend.  It’s impossible lately to get the boys to sleep at night because of the light, but we’re on the way to darker nights so it won’t be long before that trouble is past.  I have to remind myself not to wish away the light at night because that’s just wishing winter to come!

This week the forecast is for relatively hot weather so the menu will be light (mostly because I won’t want to be spending time indoors!)  And we’ll be having salad every day because in the two days we were gone this weekend the garden exploded and we have more lettuce than I thought we’d ever have.

For our anniversary we had a late dinner after a matinee showing of the new Star Trek movie (great movie by the way- worth it to see it on the big screen).  The place we went to had the best pizza crust I’ve ever tasted.  So I’m now on a quest to copy it!  I promise to share the recipe if I ever discover what it is.

Menu PlanningMonday:  burgers, steak fries
Tuesday:  spaghetti, corn, garlic rolls
Wednesday:  grilled salmon, rice
Thursday:  leftovers
Friday:  homemade pizza

Visit Laura at I’m an Org Junkie for more ideas and tips on meal planning.

Have a great week!


Meal Plan Monday (in AK)

11 08 2008

It’s been a while since I posted a meal plan.  Most of my efforts at planning a menu lately have been thwarted by last minute invites to barbeques and such.  The weather here has been pretty nice lately, after a miserable July.  So everyone is getting in their barbeques before the weather takes a turn to the worse.  There is already fresh snow on some mountains nearby and the leaves are starting to show hints of yellow.  Aaahhh!!!  Not ready for winter yet!!!!

I spent some time while it was raining poring over some recipe books (pun intended) to find some new recipes.  At our local library I found a great crockpot recipe [Fix-It and Forget-It by Dawn Ranck and Pyhllis Pellman Good] that I will be putting that to good use as I try to get myself back in the habit of regularly using the crockpot.  I also dug out an old family favorite to use up the (fake) crab meat we have in the fridge.  We might be going camping this weekend so I am not really planning those days.  If we do we’ll just have leftovers and/or hotdogs and brats.  If we don’t we’ll probably BBQ burgers on Saturday.  Sunday I am planning on roasting a turkey we inherited from a neighbor who moved away recently so look for leftovers from that next week!

Anyway, here is the plan for the rest of the week.  Also, check out Colleen’s menu  for this week and I’m an Organizing Junkie for more great recipe and meal plan ideas.

Monday: Pork Roast (bought already marinated), mashed potatoes, carrots

Tuesday: Crab Pasta, salad, garlic bread

Wednesday: crockpot- haven’t decided on the recipe to use yet, but it will be chicken.  Probably Orange Chicken Leg Quarters or Sweet and Sour Chicken (page 175 and 177 of the book I mentioned above)

Thursday: Greek style pizza- homemade pizza dough, grilled onions, feta cheese, and random other ingredients that I find lurking in the fridge that day.

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: brats or burgers

Sunday: roast turkey, stuffing, green beans

Meal Plan Monday in MA

27 07 2008

Another week, another meal plan! Food has not been a friend to my preggo belly lately, but hopefully this week I’ll transition from the queasiness of the 1st trimester into the bliss of the 2nd.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this nifty brand that I discovered in my local mega-mart: Bilinski’s Gourmet Meats. They’re natural and organic, but don’t taste like the packaging like some natural products I’ve had. I had to stop my dh from eating all the beef franks the last time I bought them so I could have seconds the next day. Bilinski’s is a New York family-owned company, so I’m not sure if their products are available outside the North East. But if you do see them, give them a try!


Monday: Saturday’s Roast Chicken: Part II (I adapted the giant turkey recipe for a tiny chicken) & potatoes

Tuesday: Leftovers that are taking over the fridge

Wednesday: Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche with a Fruit Salad

Thursday: Mac’n’Cheese with Hotdogs and Salad

Friday: Baked (or Grilled) Fish and Creamed Spinach

Saturday: Forage for something in the fridge. There will be leftovers…

Sunday: Breakfast for dinner–Sausage and Waffles


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