A Birthday!

11 02 2010

Mighty Man is 1! We had a small party at the grandparents’ house to celebrate the occasion. Much fun (and cake!) was had by all! The secret to the mega-block cake is here. (If you decide to make one yourself, be forewarned, it will take all day!)

MM loved his cake and even sneaked some off of Bean’s plate while she wasn’t looking.

Happy Birthday, sweetie child!

Wordless Wednesday in MA

13 01 2010

The Wordless Wednesday MckLinky at 5 minutes for Mom is here.

The Mighty Man

29 04 2009


Bean calls her little brother “Mighty Man.” And he is…Just look at him showing off his startle reflex muscles in his sleep!

Flashback Photo

30 07 2008

I was looking back at photos from a few years ago and found this one.  Our first son was about 6-7 mos old when this was taken.  It sums up what we all feel about Notre Dame football these days “please God, let us win again!”  Below that are comparison photos of him today, as well as his little brother at the same age.


The Garden is Growing

8 07 2008

It has been an awfully cold spring/summer here.  It’s July already, and I don’t think the temperature is ever much over the low 60s.  And the nights are still in the mid-upper 40s.  (I guess I should expect that from Alaska and be thankful I’m not somewhere else frying my tail off.)  But there are green things in my garden bed.  And flowers in my yard!  My son picked and enjoyed the first strawberry of the season.  We have been eating some lettuce and herbs here and there.  The broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, onions and potatoes seem to be doing quite well.  Actually, the potatoes grew about 2 inches overnight.  Even two tomato plant have a few blooms on them.  So I remain optimistic!  Here are a few photos for you to see…

The pretty pansies I didn’t plant 🙂


Broccoli and lettuce …



My little helper “watering” the cabbage.


Hopefully the warmer temperatures will last enough for me to get at least something out of this garden!   But at least I am definitely learning a lot about cold weather gardening.

Smiley Guys

8 06 2008

We just emptied all of our camera cards onto the computer so I thought I’d use this opportunity to post a few pictures of the boys.  I haven’t thought of a good nickname for either of them to use on the blog yet.  Thing One and Thing Two was suggested which is actually fitting because my life frequently reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book.  However that might get a little too tedious to type. 

Well in the meantime, here is a picture of us with the boys on Easter.  Easter 2008

The baby is now 6mos and already almost 20 lbs!

6 mo photo

Ernie is so photogenic!

My Pal Ernie


Hope everyone had a good weekend!