Menu Planning Monday- AK (Mar 23)

23 03 2009


 This week hubby is going to be out of town, so dinners are going to be really simple.  I made up a plan to put a few meals in the freezer again too, since our stock was depleted except for salmon meals.  I’m going to pull a lot of moose burger out of the freezer, make a few meatloaves, meatballs (which were great the last time I made them- so easy to defrost a few for a quick lunch or snack).  And then cook a bunch up (with onions and garlic) for lasagna, stroganoff, taco meat and plain ground beef.  The plain ground beef will be good to have pre-cooked to add to pizza, spaghetti, etc. Here are a few links to some freezer meal plans… (be sure to check out the links page here)

I’m also going to try out pinto bean muffins.  Sounds gross, but so does zucchini bread (and I know that tastes good!).  A good way to sneak in veggies and protein!  See my post here for more links and ideas on using pinto beans. 

Monday– pasta with meat sauce, green beans (pasta- I’ll use up the leftover bits of pasta in the pantry- ones that won’t make a whole meal by themselves)

Tuesday– ham and lentil soup (funny tidbit- I found this web page after I cooked mine the same way!)

Wednesday– breakfast for dinner- eggs and pancakes

Thursday– leftovers

Friday– salmon alfredo (from the freezer)

Saturday– rolled steak with spinach, baked potatoes (recipe for steak from Cooking Light cookbook)

Sunday– grouse, rice, grilled peppers (grouse from the freezer)

Be sure to check out I’m an Org Junkie every week for hundreds of meal plans.

Have a great week!