Reindeer Craft

5 12 2010

Here’s a cute way to turn your child’s hand into a Christmas decoration. (Idea modified from this project here.)


Trace your child’s open hand onto a stiff felt. Cut out the hand for the body of the reindeer. Cut a tail from the felt scraps.

Color the fingertips with a crayon or marker to make hooves. Decorate as desired with a jingle bell and ribbon collar, a felt heart sticker, a googly-eye and a red or brown nose (cut out of more felt or use a pom-pom).

For the reindeer’s antlers, bend one or two small pipe cleaners in half and shape the ends to look like antlers. Use craft glue to attach the antlers and the tail on the reindeer, holding them in place with a paper clips until the glue dries.

Punch a hole at the top and thread with a ribbon to make into an ornament or glue a magnet to the back.

Muffin Tin Monday: Orange!

22 02 2010

The color orange is the theme of this week’s Muffin Tin Monday. There aren’t many orangey-colored snacks in our house, but I made some tiny carrot sticks and added some goldfish crackers, and shredded cheddar. The dip is a bit of cream cheese mixed with a packet of true orange, a bit of honey, some water to soften it up, and orange sprinkles (since it didn’t seem orange enough…)

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup OverflowethWell, according to Bean, the cheese is yellow, the fish crackers are gold, and the dip is white. Nevertheless, she did eat it all up. We’ll see what she thinks of yellow and green muffin tins later in March!

There’s lots more Muffin Tin Monday and Muffin Tin Meals at Muffin Tin Mom.

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Roly-Poly Turkey Craft

20 11 2009

Thanksgiving is not complete without a rafter of turkeys. Here’s our little craft made with recycled materials from around the house.

The body is an empty spool of ribbon covered with construction paper. The back feathers are coffee filters that were for a smaller coffee maker that we no longer have. The wings, beak, and heart are cut from felt scraps while the pipe cleaner legs have been kicking around my craft box forever. Of course, I always have googly eyes in my stash! A bit of glue to hold everything together and a string to hang him up, and he’s finished. If you bend the legs forward, he will even sit on the table because of the width of the spool.

After helping me, Bean made her own, all by herself. Not sure where the wings went, but she managed to draw his beak on!