Six Random Facts About Me

19 08 2008

I’ve been tagged by Audra at Krellfish!

Whenever I get these types of things by email I usually delete them, and I am so new to this bloggy world that I don’t have many bloggy friends to pass it on to.  But I am going to at least post 6 things about myself so that you all can have a laugh.  If you want to participate, feel free to tag yourself by leaving a comment with a link to your post!


Six Things You May Not Know About Me

1) I met my husband online when he was stationed in Japan and I was in Ohio.  We spent only about 6 weeks total together in person before we were married.

Our success story is posted here, A Match Made in Heaven.

2) I swam on my high school and college teams and although I wasn’t a great swimmer, I used to dream of going to the Olympics (swimming the 100m freestyle).

3) I still daydream about what it would have been like to actually be a great swimmer.  If I had more money (and maybe a little more talent) I could be the next Dara Torres!

4) I also daydream about having my own Food Network show although I hate being videotaped.  I love cooking and would love to know as much about cooking as the Iron Chefs do (or Emeril or Paula).  Julia Childs is my hero.  Did you know she was also a spy?  Cool, huh?

5) I sometimes sneak zucchini and carrots into our food so my husband doesn’t taste it (I’d sneak celery in too, but it has too strong of a taste- he’d figure it out).  Oops, now he’s going to know…

6) It’s only August but my vegetable garden is almost planned out for next year (this year I’ve written off as a bust due to the weather so I am getting a jump on next year!!)

Now that you know more about me you can go back to Audra’s post to learn more about her and check out the other people she tagged.

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