Mother’s Day weekend in Seward

10 05 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  We had been planning for a few months to go to a bed and breakfast in Homer but when we called to make sure our reservations were OK the owner said the facilities were not ready (still 2 feet of snow and no electricity yet).  We just bought a new (well, new to us) camper so we decided to take it out to Seward.  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful weekends.

On the drive down Friday afternoon I saw a few beluga whales on Turnagain Arm.  We ended up in a camping spot right near the water.  And we couldn’t have ordered better weather- there was not a cloud in the sky for two days!  We got to walk around Seward, meet new friends, play with the kids at the park, go to Mass at a new church, and see all the wildlife (sea lions, otters, bald eagles etc). 

Hopefully you can tell by the photos below how beautiful it was and how much fun the boys were having.  What a great way to start off the summer!


What day is it?

27 05 2008

It feels like a Monday to me!  But I think it’s Tuesday 🙂  It was another beautiful weekend here.  We took the kids camping in Seward for Memorial Day.  It rained for half of our trip, but that’s nothing new in Seward!  We took the opportunity to finally visit the Alaska SeaLife Center.  Our two year old, wanted to see “pe-gins” but was happy enough to see “beeg fishies.”  The baby was happy enough to watch the lights on the ceiling. 

We were extremely happy to have our new camper with us as it had heat and the temperatures weren’t over 45.  At this rate our kids are going to grow up camping in luxury!  I guess soon enough they’ll be old enough to go out hunting with their dad and will find out what it really means to rough it!