A Full Cup Shopping Lists

3 05 2010

Grocery Coupons at A Full Cup

Here’s one of my favorite frugal resources: A Full Cup! They have forums to discuss using coupons and rebates, as well as individual forums for a huge list of stores. I like to visit the forums for my local grocery stores, CVS, Walgreens, and even Target before going shopping to be sure I don’t miss any great deals. The forums are filled with friendly people helping make the most of store sales. In the Price Chopper forum, you’ll find a busy mom of two, massachoomommy, who likes to talk to herself; please say hello to her (me) when you visit!

She, like many other shopping list assistants, are busy coupon fairies, working weekly on shopping lists for all your favorite stores—so you don’t have to! All you have to do is select the items to purchase and print a personalized list. And another fun fact about the lists? They come with coupon-matchups!

I highly recommend this site for both the coupon camaraderie and a support network for sticking to your budget!