Muffin Tin Monday: Orange!

22 02 2010

The color orange is the theme of this week’s Muffin Tin Monday. There aren’t many orangey-colored snacks in our house, but I made some tiny carrot sticks and added some goldfish crackers, and shredded cheddar. The dip is a bit of cream cheese mixed with a packet of true orange, a bit of honey, some water to soften it up, and orange sprinkles (since it didn’t seem orange enough…)

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup OverflowethWell, according to Bean, the cheese is yellow, the fish crackers are gold, and the dip is white. Nevertheless, she did eat it all up. We’ll see what she thinks of yellow and green muffin tins later in March!

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Bean’s Sandwich Creation

22 05 2009


May 2009 041

Bean helped me make a veggie dip this morning to bring to playgroup, but of course, I forgot it and left it behind in the fridge! So, when we got back home, I set it out on the table for Bean to munch on while I got lunch ready. Well, if you give a Bean some dip, she’ll want some bread to spread it on (see “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie“). Then she’ll ask for some salad and cheese to go with it… And she will create a sandwich masterpiece for you.

Dip Recipe (in very scientific terms):
Mix together a hunk of cream cheese (low-fat is ok) with a few tablespoons of mayo and/or milk (low-fat still ok) to loosen it up. Add a chug of your favorite dressing and/or spices mixture to taste. Bean loves blue cheese dressing with italian seasonings. Ranch dressing would work well, but I’m not keen on the msg. Parsley adds a nice color without a sharp flavor. You could even add shredded veggies to the mix (carrots would work great).