More birthday cupcakes…

12 02 2010

We celebrated more birthdays today for some stuffed animal friends. Bean got these cupcakes for her birthday and they are such a fun set. (Thank you, Auntie!) She loves to bake and decorate them! And, she always wears the oven mitt when moving the cupcake pan around. Certainly a lot easier than making cupcakes or candies for all of Bean’s friends!

Saturday’s finds

5 05 2009

may-2009-005Just wanted to share what we found last weekend at a sweet yard sale at an animal shelter: Listening to Nature game (tape plays sounds, kids match sounds to pics on the board), Cranium Zooreka (game is new, but for older kids), Clifford coloring book, Rudolph book, some craft/bulletin board reference books, a cookbook, some novel, handwriting tablet, new infant nail clippers, some Easter & Christmas seals. Grand total for our treasures=$2. Needless to say, we bought extra tickets to their raffle.

At the sale, I let Bean pick out one thing and she found a box of candles shaped like crayons. They say emergency candles on the box, but they each have a different scent. Well, the labels say different scents, but they all smell the same (terrible) to me. I told her we could use them to make fire-starters for our upcoming camping trip.   

may-2009-003may-2009-004I almost forgot, we also came home with a giant tote of ball pit balls. They were in good shape, but there was a bit of grass and dirt mixed in. We started off washing them one by one in the tub. After deciding that this was taking way too much effort, we got the brainstorm to use the washer. So Bean helped move bucket after bucket of balls to the washing machine. Nice idea, but once the balls were squished in the washer and I added water, I remembered that plastic balls float!


Inside a Toddler’s Mind (Wordless Wednesday)

13 08 2008


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New Toys

8 07 2008

A few more photos I had to share.

The new Batman Big Wheel- $30.  Hours (or at least 20 minutes) of peace while my toddler is occupied riding around the deck- priceless!

We can afford to splurge on new toys like the Big Wheel every once in a while by being thrifty on other toys.  This is the “new” workbench for Daddy’s little helper.  Dad pressed into service some old wood and leftover paint to put together this workbench.  He’s pretty handy!

Inside a Toddler’s Mind

10 06 2008

I am struck by little glimpses of the inner workings of toddler minds. Here, I’ve stumbled across a neatly organized line of cups and eggs. I can’t interpret why it was created, but only that a lot of thought was put into it.

maypictures063.jpg picture by MassachooMommy

Works for Me Wednesday

28 05 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!
This may not be novel for you, but it works for me!

The first bout of warm weather here, and I’m realizing that we don’t have any toddler-appropriate outdoor toys. Sure there’s a swingset in the yard and some bouncy balls, but they don’t hold a toddler’s attention for very long. Well Bean has solved this problem today, by insisting she bring her bath-time bucket outside.
The bucket is home to her bath toys, namely a flock of yellow ducks. What better toys to bring outside than washable ones? The ducks took over the yard; playing hide-and-seek, swinging on the swings, riding down the slide…And, when we were finished, they were easily collected in the bucket. The promise of giving duckies a bath in the sink was enough to avoid the “I-don’t-wanna-go-in-the-house” meltdown too! Bath toys outside work for me!

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