Christmas Tree Craft

19 12 2009

I was going to share some more of Bean’s crafts, but don’t know where to start. We made paper Santas this week with simple shapes cut out of construction paper and decorated with markers, crayons and stickers. Well, this is also the week Bean has decided to practice her scissor skills. Poor Santa is in a million pieces!

I saw this cute craft for paint stirring stick Christmas trees over at Many Little Blessings. I like the easy clean-up with the cotton swaps as paint brushes. I think the eraser end of a pencil would work too. We’ll have to stop at the hardware store and ask for some paint stirrers or maybe we’ll paint (and then cut up) some construction paper trees!


12 06 2008

Tuesday night, a severe storm marked the end of an unseasonal heat wave in the northeast. Here’s the view over our back fence, where a large oak ripped up the concrete. The tree missed damaging the house by just a few inches, although they will have to replace the columns on the front porch. Oh, and that white fence is less than 3 yrs old.
I truly hope everyone is safe and sound this week!