Fun With Fajitas

20 06 2008

I had such a craving for fajitas this week, and a chunk of beef already defrosted in the fridge, that I wasn’t about to be deterred by having forgotten to buy the tortillas. I thought, I’ll make my own! Then I laughed at the insurmountable task of making them from scratch, and tried to figure out what else I could make with the beef. But, curious, I started looking for recipes anyhow. There was no stopping me once I read the taste-bud tantilizing description by the Home Sick Texan that accompanied her recipe for flour tortillas. The recipe was simple to follow, and pretty soon, we had yummy tortillas! I had to substitute 1/2 the flour with barley flour since I ran out of white flour, (A rarity for me!), so I’m looking forward to making them again, because I know they’ll taste even better.



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